Informations on Cyber initiative starting page

This Portal shows statistics of the early warning system of Deutsche Telekom. The corresponding sensors are operated from Deutsche Telekom and Partners.

Informations on shown Diagrams:

Overview of current cyber attacks

Attacks on the different sensors (Honeypots) will be displayed in realtime on the world map. Additionally the countries are marked in relation of the overall number of attacks.

Top 15 of Source Countries (Last month)

The mentioned markers above are displayed with the overall number of the Top 5 source countries.


Informations on the passwords used by the attacks.

Overall sum of attackers per Month

The diagram shows the overall number of attackers per day from last month.

Overall sum of attacks per Month

Related to the shown number of attackers this diagram shows the according attacks (alerts) from last month.

Distribution of Attack Targets

This diagram shows the percentage number of the attacks distributed by the targets technology.